ebay guarantee is a scam and fraud

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ebay guarantee is a scam and fraud
ebay guarantee is a scam and fraud

I recently bought a Xbox 360 s from speedtailretailllp, but it turned out to be a Xbox One. So, I filed a claim to ebay guarantee and they told me to ship it back to the seller. I shipped it back for a cost of Rs.900 through DTDC but the seller didnt even receive the item. I contacted DTDC and they told me that it will be shipped back to me eventually and no more word. Now, ebay is telling me to reship it back to the seller or they will close the case and I dont even have the item. Why cant I get the refund. This is a case of pure scam by ebay and seller. I want my refund but sadly I wont get it since ebay guarantee is a fraud.

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