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When a item is received to buyer then what's the reason of detaining money for 21 days.

When we sell our item and buyer pay  then the amount is kept atleast for 15 days. Now another 21 days our money is detained which is purely to earn Intrest income and loss to the sellers. If you detained then pay @18% Intrest for 21 days. 


An heafty selling fee of Rs.10/- + 11.5% + 18% GST  and then we have to pay 12% GST  . 

Upto selling an item for Rs. 250/- is totally loss. 


100 Rs. Notes sold @200/- + 49/- shipping 

Your Exp Rs.10/-

11.5%      Rs.28.75

GST         Rs.7

Total Expences Rs.45.75 now 

Registered        Rs.25.00

GST 12%          Rs.30.00

item cost           Rs.100.00


Total Cost Rs.200.75

again extra 21 days money is detained it means 45 days are required to complete one transcation . Intt @18% for Rs.250/- is 6/-

premium paid to buy an item if ZERO then

we get nealry Rs.40/- as profit 

So pls reduce the selling fee and also to detain our money for 21 days. 



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