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Fall in sales or slow sale in last 14-15 days. Why

There is a sudden drop in sales for last 14-15 days. The sale was 12-15 items per day on an average before 15th August but after that the sale is pathetic. The no of views is also reduced drastically. Is this any game plan of eBay or the reputation of eBay is coming down that's why the sale is not happening.


If the price photo is considered for sale then I don't think there is any problem from that side but still I don't know what is happening.

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depends on the product you are selling and you do not have any hot selling products. one eg is the book Sita - Warrior of Mithila : An adventure thriller is available for 207/-  from Flipkart and you are selling it at 294/- so you know the answer why your things are not selling and also you have too many negative feedbacks so improve your quality of products.

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