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Its Happened With me First In Histor of 


Earlier I was facing some issue with crediting of Remmitance in my bank account but Prepaid  processing email Always Comes on Time 

But This Time it went wrong , So on 02/08/2018 it was my remmitance processing day but still jow no email regarding remmitance processing receives ! Guys Remmitance money of 02/08/2018 is also not visible In My Paisapay Remittance Columns 

So Anyother sellers Faced such issue or not ?


If Yes then guys please i Request you to stop selling right now because flipkart has started looting now its over

I hope everything will be alright when will be relaunch and will be operate by ebay executives

Thank you 

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I think many sellers did not go through the ebay announcement where they mentioned from August 1st all payment cycles would be moved to Delivery+21 days. It is effects to all Seller of any ratings.


Hope for the best ....



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2nd Aug remitance will added & combined with 6th aug remitance please check