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Do seller need to pay GST separately apart from GST on selling fee?

As of now eBay charge GST on selling fee applicable to seller.


Do seller need to pay GST theire own on total sales seperatly, if so can we clain it back. Also the can we claim back the GST charged on the fee by ebay?



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You can take the benefit of input tax credit on tax charged by portals such as Ebay and Amazon.


Under GST benefit of input tax credit is seamless and you can utilise the CGST and SGST against the payment of IGST charged by you.


For example:

You sold goods worth 20 lakhs and your GST liability is 1 Lakh.

Ebay charged 18% on commission amount of 5 lakhs. This comes to 90,000.

You need to pay to government only remaining 10,000 after utilising input credit of GST charged by Ebay.