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Query related to KYC Update

Dear All,


I have been an eBay seller and our company is moving to a next level. Earlier we were a Proprietorship Firm and now moving to get Partnership LLP.


We need to update KYC with eBay such as : GSTIN, PAN Card, Banking etc.


Does anyone of you have any experiece on time length eBay takes to update the KYC and confirm the same? For how long our account will be on hold? Would there be any issue since we are into powership as well.


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Re: Query related to KYC Update

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Can't speak of powership but to answer your other question, it really varies from seller to seller. Usually it is done in 3 to 5 days. My KYC was done in 3 days. But there are sellers who had to wait over 15 days to get the same done.