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what should i do if ebay is not doing anything on my complaint ?

I had bought a tv on eBay and seller shipped it but the seller said that FedEx does not take Punjab order and item come to me. then I rise case on eBay. no eBay representative either call me for confirmation on my complaint or call FedEx about my parcel. Status on is updated that is was deliver to me but when I called them, they said "it was returned to the seller it will show on the website that it was delivered to you." then I asked then why it is so? it is wrong. then they replied me " you did not pay us you paid eBay so go and ask eBay." on eBay I had called customer care they said you will receive a call from our claim department in 72 hours. but I didn't receive any call from eBay. I again call eBay customer care and they give me same replay. This happened 4 times.Now it's been more than 16 days I didn't receive any solution. I have send screen shots of email from the seller where he confirmed that item came back to him at   "", "". now I am helpless as eBay is not listening to me.Lost my money for nothing. I am attaching screen shots of sellers email which confirmed that I didn't receive item.


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How much money is involved?