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REFUNDS NOT RECIEVED Claim ID - 3508430 of Ebay India and PaisaPay ID : 46829961891.


Claim ID - 3508430 of Ebay India and PaisaPay ID : 46829961891
My Ebay India has accepted the claim as ebay has not despacted the goods to me.
I had done transaction of Rs 3855 on 07/03/2018 by debit card.
Till today EBay has not credited the amount to the original mode
payment the ebay has giving me all foolish answer wait for 24 hours
you will get, contact your bank.
I had wrote lots of mails to ebay India and call customer care but
they are not giving the solution.
Every thing i has done but amount is not credited in the account.
Ebay India has fooled me by taking my amount and not refunding the
same, though the problem was of Ebay India.
Thanking You

Hemant Patil

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do you still recived your refund please tell us.because i also paid with Debit Card.