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eBay Seller Protection Department is totally fraud & also power-ship Team

I'm selling on eBay since 5 years with 100% positive feedback. But I'm very frustrated from your Seller Protection Department because it did not support seller seems only having a name of seller protection.
I have two different type of incidents, details mentioned below but seller protection department did not assist us in any case.
Claim ID : 3582742 - I shipped Se-agate 500GB HDD but i got the return claimed with 1TB old non working HDD.
Claim ID : 3512830 - I shipped 1TB HDD to the buyer but buyer claimed that was received WD 250GB HDD. 
thus i loss all my money with the products sold in eBay. i want and request you to please take care of these issues and provide me the best solution otherwise i will close my selling account on eBay.
looking for your support in a positive way.
finally closed the case from ebay side......