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Mintkart buisness team need to control the claim department


This is a honest feedbact to Buisness unit that you really need to look for better option for your CS process the current 3rd party is just screwing up your buisness and brand name of ebay.


The most viatl process ebay gaurantee which directly impacts the member's faith in marketplace is full of brainless and low IQ staffing. This not only my opinio you can run a seperate survey specially for claim team and see what seller's and buyer's have to say.


They don't check email in que unless asked. Do not understand or have capacity find any suspicious activity even at basic level this increases the number of bad fish in both the ponds buying and selling.


Both seller and buyer's are impacted because incapable CS team who provide false information to members specially buyer's.


If you want to stay **bleep** and gain more member's without burning money in add as ebay brand name itself is enough just get a better process and staffing for your claim and try not make joke of seller protection process.


For selling protection overall average 9 cases out of 10 are declined with robotic remark shipment delivered intact condition nothing else they know to do.


Sending NPS survey will not help much unless you are interested in knowing actually hurdles faced by the sellers with CS and how jointly it can be created win win situation for ebay buyer and seller's