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Complaint against ebay

I placed an order on 11 oct and paid 29,812. 07
Paisapay id 46171582654 Post payment I received confirmation and dates of delivery of the sofa set as on 10-15 November!
On 16 oct I received a request for delay in delivery, I contacted customer care who informed me that I should have received this within 48 hours of placing order and if the delivery dates didn't suit me the order would have been cancelled and refund initiated.
Raised a claim on 7 November as I Had no information on shipment or tracking number for shipment ! The status on order remained as to be shipped !
I contacted eBay customer care informed them I received an email from vendor on 8 November stating they'll ship on 22nd November - this does not reflect the original date of delivery, and I don't agree to this delay ! I want the shipment to be done latest by 15 Nov so I receive the product at least 10 days later in Goa.
Shipment done by 15 November will take 10 days to reach me ! That's still okay anything post 15 November will be of no use to me! As I'll be out of town by end November ! Hence the dispatch by 22 Nov shipment is absolutely refused by me !
I'd rather get a refund instead.

It's the 13th of November - no calls from claim department even though I'm supposed to be contacted by 5th day of claim if the seller doesn't come up with a solution -they give the same excuse your number was not reachable when they tried to contact you! Anyone heard of sending emails to client and giving them information on the query ?
And I've been told to wait until 16 November cause obviously the claims team has other more important jobs to do than contact the client who's desperately waiting since 7 November!
Horrible experience shopping with eBay ! Horrible customer service experience and client is only told to wait and wait and wait !