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seller accessed my account by cheating and removed my negative feedback
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I purchased an item on 6/1/18

He sent fake case. I enquired in apple service centre store they said it's not original and the making is also bad. By that time return time is over, so i kept negative feed back telling as not original from apple. I purchased for 1495 at he sent 300 rs case.


He called and messaged on whatsapp that he refund and arrange for pickup and asked my id for confirmation. so i sent the my id. Then he said initiated process and need otp to confirm (i don't know the process of refunding in eBay, i use amazon for purchases) i given my otp. 


With that he login-ed to my account and removed the negative need back, and messaged me that he cannot refund.


I called eBay and said, they said they call back, but they didn't.

I want sever action on this buyer. 

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