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Ordered single user software but sent muti-user and refused refund. Cheating one felt.

First, the seller is pcqueststore but unknown third party got my mobile number and Email and other details of mine and sent voluntarily the keys for software; second the Ebay has not delivered the items which is unusual for me; third, there is no invoice along with the parcel received which is very strange and seller is cheating me and the government; fourth, the item's cover and printings and CD are certainly duplicate; fifth, if it is single user the keys for software is sealed and not known to anyone and only multi-user software shall show key numbers for activation; sixth when I confronted the third party who himself contacted of his own after managing to get my details fraudulently because he is not pcqueststore seller, he was very rude telling that I was wasting his time; seventhly, then he made several calls and tried to prove every thing is genuine which irritate me and I blocked his mobile as he interrupted me many times during office hours; Eight absence of invoice itself shows that he cheated me and the government. I am sending the pictures which shall show this is duplicate or fake one and moreover the total property of the software is only 1.24 MB for the money I paid about four thousand without invoice; I wanted single user key which always hidden only the purchaser can open it after delivery. When I got suspicion about the keys openly sent are multi-user, I used in my other Computer which also showed the software is licensed to which the seller or third party seller told me it is free for two system which itself shows something wrong. The seller has must have used my keys and he openly sent me through Email which is totally unacceptable. Besides, one particular tool of the software is not functioning. Therefore, the software is useless. All these details I shared with the third party but he has not replied except asking me to revise my feedback. My details are shared with third party which is more or less intruding into my privacy which has been don be Ebay and name of the Third Party is Software Junction from Gurgaon. I want Refund. I am totslly upset with dealing of Ebay India. This not only of Invoice issue but also may other issues as described above. I asked for singleUser software but cleverly sent a opened key so that later they can say you used our keys. Whether you sent key or not that is not my concerne I wanted single user key and after I entered the key then I must get confirmation from the software company that the software has been registered against my name. In this case this has not happened. Then why I should pay for the any damn item sent to me. You can block the keys against my registered email so that I cannot use my key which the third party itself suggested. So block it and refund my money. The Customer care fellow is having nexus with the seller. So they have this modus operandi to swindle money from people who are ignorants and spoiling the reputation of Ebay India. They close my claim telling I used the keys sent by the third party. Who asked to send the same? I am attaching pictures of items received which itself shows it is not a genuine product.

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