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Dear Customers...Beaware of purchasing Redmi Handset from eBay which is not valid as per Mi

Dear Customers, I had purchased a Handset of Redmi 4 GB at a cost of Rs.10,999/- from "" in October,2016. The set was supported by valid invoice and manufacturer warranty. As recently, the set got some problem, I visited Mi Service Centre, who flatly denied to attend the issue owing to the reason that the same was purchased from I mailed to customer service of Mi , who in turn mailed me stating categorically that since is not their authorized channel partner, any Redmi handset purchased from , despite manufacturer warranty, it will not be serviced by their any of service centre. I mailed to stating the fact, they could not reply properly to my query and twisted from the point of query stating ..please visit "help" centre of eBay etc......


So, I am placing the fact here so that all the customers tending to buy Redmi Handset from should be aware that as soon as it is purchased from, it will ceased to be valid for warrantly.    

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