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Claim ID---2795824,PaisaPay ID---44978659491,Item number---182353913651,Purchase Date--23/03/2017

I submitted DOA letter to ebay on 3rd April 2017(Email ID-- and the claim is re-opened (Claim ID--2795824).
I contacted with ebay customer service by phone and via email too many times, every time they said that "your claim is re-opened and will be resolved within 5 days from claim filing date" (Reply email SR# 1-110113287643).
On 5th April 2017, an ebay executive contacted me by phone and said that "claim will be resolved within 72 hours".
After that no one from ebay claim department contact me regarding this issue and the claim is still in pending .
I send too many emails to ebay and every time they said that "your claim will be resolved as per schedule".
I also requested them for arranging a call back from claim department (SR# 1-110304734737,SR# 1-110923983337, SR# 1-111934400467) But till now I have not received any proper help from ebay customer service.
I am totally disappointed with ebay service.
Till now The issue is not resolved.
Anil Basak
Claim ID---2795824
PaisaPay ID---44978659491
Item number---182353913651,
Purchase Date--23/03/2017.

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