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when will ebay transfer the amount to my bank account from paisapay?

when will ebay transfer the amount to my bank account from paisa pay?

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if you are new seller. By default they assign you silver 

that means you will get money to your bank account from the date of delivery to the customer + 21 days.


Suppose you sell one item on 1st july, 2017 and you shipped on same day.

and if shipping company ( courier ) delivered to the buyer on 4th July, 2017


Then your delivery date is 4th July, 2017


So you will get payment on 25th july, 2017

Again here eBay pays only two days in week. That is monday and thursday.

In this case although your time is on 25th july, 2017 next ebay pay day is 27th july, 2017


Here again have a biggest draw back.


it is calculated from the date of delivery confirmation.

If you are new seller you do not get eBay powership ( courier service by eBay)


So, even if your item deliver on 4th, July, 2017

and if buyer did not login to eBay account. Click on brought with paisapay > and confirm from there.


You will have to wait another two weeks for auto delivery confirmation from eBay system.


And Buyers are really careless. At least 90 percent buyers never confirm the delivery. Either they confirm very lately or just leave it. Then system has to confirm after 2 week.


this is directly leading to inconvenience to the sellers.


eBay here take advantage by holding money. They get interest on the money in their accounts. They can use the money.


Here sellers suffer.


Even if you send using any good courier and if that is showing delivered on their website. If you contact eBay to set as delivered. The willl not do.


Either buyer can do or their system after 2 weeks.


This way your investment get blocked for 2 months, if you combine listing, selling, getting money etc. 2 months for your money to get to your account.


That is really worst thing. But, you must remember here, in India ecommerce companies playing with small sellers and Indian government cannot catch them.


by taking this as advantage they are playing with lakhs of sellers on many ecommerce platforms.


Again another trick here is, once they release payment. it will take 2-4 days to reflect in your bank account. That again a time consuming.


So over all Sellers always suffer in ecommerce sector.


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