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I am being harassed mentally by ebay, Can anybody Guide me?

I gave a message on 23rd of August stating my problem.
But ebay does not reply to my emails through trust and safety and niether the Live Chat helps.
1. The Live chat has only one answer for any problem" This is not handled by me and so unable to do anything, please go to trust and safety link and send mail"

2. After 20 emails , what I get is to write here on the community board, but here also no reply.

3. I dont know who exist behind this website, and are there real staff or handled by a few people?
4. ebay is making lot of money through sellers but still it doesnot have a proper customer support to the satisactory of anyone.
5.All my listings were ended (800) without any warning to me.
6. The shop is still active without any listings in it!
7. Can anybody guide me regarding this? Will ebay activate my listings again? I have spent more then 20,000 on listings only,leave aside the other shop charges.
8. Will I have to spend another 20,000 to lsit for 100's of hours again?
9.Or anybosy else having the same experience? Can yu guide me what to do next?
10. How did a person in such a situation make ebay activate the listings?
11. Do I have to pay extra(as a gift) to the staff or ebay to reactivate the listings?
12. I am taken for a ride by ebay? Either the staff is taking some kind of revenge or they want something from me.
13. Please somebody guide me!! I have lost lot of money and by the end of this month another bill for the shop will be ready by ebay without actually doing any business!
14. Please sellers I am in great trouble. Help me!!
15. Anybody knows about consumer courts? How do I go about it? Or ebay will compensate for this to me? Have naybody gone to a consumer court before?
16.I have given so many emails and wasted upto 5 hours on live chat in the hope that they will somehow help me, but to my frustration I am being harrassed. I have tried everything but to no result.
17. The chat says give email and the emails never get any reply.
18. Is there a procedure to go about it?
19. I have seen some members being suspended and then within some days there lsitings are again active!!
20 I have not done any crime? Still I am treated like a criminal!
21. Please, Please somebody guide me!! What should I do next? I am being mentally tortured by the staff! All my hard earned money is going to drains, I am so dipressed, I dont know what to do.
22. Have anybody gone through this before? Please guide me ,will be very oblized .

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I am being harassed mentally by ebay, Can anybody Guide me?

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All I can say is I am going thur the same thing. I don't know what to do, I don't know how to fix it because they don't return email. Please let me know what you find out.
Thank you