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Disgusting eBay India's service.

Following is the chat transcript that I had with an ebay agent.

3:24:41 Apoorva System
Initial Question/Comment: PaisaPay

3:24:47 Apoorva System
Thank you for contacting Live Help. Please hold for the next available Live Help agent.

3:24:47 Apoorva System
You will be able to type in your question as soon as you are connected with a Live Help representative.

3:25:12 Apoorva System

3:25:13 Apoorva System
Do you know – PaisaPay and other general help queries are also assisted through the Phone Support. To know how to reach the phone support team, please access the webpage

3:25:42 Apoorva System
All agents are busy assisting other members. Please continue to hold for the next available Live Help representative.

3:26:12 Apoorva System
We apologize for the wait and thank you for your continued patience. Please continue to hold to keep your place in line. You should be connected to the next available agent shortly.

3:35:17 Apoorva System
Nitin S has joined this session!

3:35:18 Apoorva System
Connected with Nitin S

3:35:22 Apoorva Nitin S
Hello and welcome to eBay Live Chat. My name is Nitin. How may I help you?

3:35:29 Apoorva mafatlal
Hi Nitin!

3:35:38 Apoorva mafatlal
How are you doing?

3:36:24 Apoorva Nitin S
I am doing fine

3:36:41 Apoorva mafatlal
Well, Nitin I have finished with all the steps required for lisiting purpose for selling my AOC 15inch CRT Monitor on ebay...

3:37:59 Apoorva Nitin S

3:38:10 Apoorva mafatlal
Now, at the last page of listing process, that's the 3rd step, at the end of the page, its mentioned as: "Based on your Buy It Now price, you will be charged a Final Value Fee of Rs. 32.00 if your item sells. "

3:38:50 Apoorva mafatlal
After that, its mentioned on the same page at the end as: "You're almost done creating your listing. Click Continue below to complete your seller account setup (one-time only)."

3:39:06 Apoorva Nitin S

3:39:21 Apoorva mafatlal
Therefore, what is this "Seller Account Setup - One time only" exactly?

3:40:03 Apoorva mafatlal
And it is chargeable?

3:41:18 Apoorva Nitin S
Once the item is sold, sellers are charged with the Final Value Fee

3:41:51 Apoorva mafatlal
That's right? But what exactly is "Seller Account Setup" and what does it involve?

3:41:59 Apoorva Nitin S
You will receive the Invoice every month for Final Value Fees, Listing fees and the Listing Upgrades if you have selected the same while listing the item

3:43:17 Apoorva mafatlal

3:45:44 Apoorva Nitin S
Invoice means the Bill

3:47:50 Apoorva mafatlal
So, Seller's fees and Final Value Fees both are one and same?

3:48:18 Apoorva mafatlal
Or are they both different?

3:49:47 Apoorva mafatlal
U there?

3:50:35 Apoorva Nitin S
eBay fees consists of Listing fee, Final Value Fee and the listing upgrades fee. You will receive invoice every month for this

3:52:56 Apoorva mafatlal
What is this invoice exaclty?

3:53:12 Apoorva mafatlal
Is that invoice charged?

3:53:50 Apoorva mafatlal
Or is it like a bank statement that an account holder receives it quaterly for information purpose?

3:54:15 Apoorva Nitin S
It is an fees which you needs to pa

3:54:20 Apoorva Nitin S

3:54:28 Apoorva Nitin S
This fees reflects in your account

3:54:51 Apoorva Nitin S
To know the same, you just need to go to Seller Account from My ebay account

3:55:13 Apoorva mafatlal
I couldn't understand you at all right from the beginning? Could you me more clear please in terms of your explanation Nitin?

3:55:27 Apoorva mafatlal
Wait...let's start all over again.

3:55:55 Apoorva mafatlal
Now, at the last page of listing process, that's the 3rd step, at the end of the page, its mentioned as: "Based on your Buy It Now price, you will be charged a Final Value Fee of Rs. 32.00 if your item sells. "

3:56:10 Apoorva mafatlal
What is this exactly?

3:56:50 Apoorva Nitin S

3:59:47 Apoorva mafatlal
U there?

4:00:00 Apoorva mafatlal
Could you be quick enough in your response please?

4:01:20 Apoorva mafatlal
Basically Nitin we are again going through all of these questions asked just b'coz you are not answering the questions that I have asked you, instead, you are coming up with the answers not connected to my question.

4:01:31 Apoorva Nitin S
Let me inform you that once the item is sold, sellers are charged with the Final value fee. While listing the item, listing fee of Rs.1 is charged.

4:02:46 Apoorva System
Connected with Nitin S

4:02:55 Apoorva mafatlal
So, if I am selling an item which is costing Rs. 3'200/- what are the charges I am paying?

4:05:07 Apoorva mafatlal

4:06:47 Apoorva Nitin S
You are paying listing fee of Rs.1 and the final value fee depending on the item category

4:07:07 Apoorva Nitin S

4:07:11 Apoorva Nitin S
Please go through the link

4:07:17 Apoorva mafatlal
I am selling an electronic product.

4:08:06 Apoorva mafatlal
Therefore, it falls under: "Category: Computers & Peripherals > Monitors > CRT Monitors"

4:08:17 Apoorva mafatlal
Now, what are the charges I am going to pay?

4:08:45 Apoorva mafatlal
And this is the first time that I will be selling a product and as per ebay, first 20 products listed are free...right?

4:10:20 Apoorva Nitin S
For electronice, the Final Value Fees is 1%

4:11:28 Apoorva mafatlal
That means, for Rs 3'200, I'll be paying Rs. 32 as Final Value fees + Re. 1 for listing therefore Total = Rs. 31...Is this correct?

4:12:48 Apoorva mafatlal

4:13:03 Apoorva Nitin S
The total of Rs.32

4:13:15 Apoorva Nitin S
Have you selected any Listing Upgrades for this item?

4:13:24 Apoorva mafatlal

4:13:48 Apoorva mafatlal
So you mean Rs. 32 includes listing fees as well of Re. 1?

4:14:11 Apoorva Nitin S

4:14:56 Apoorva mafatlal

4:15:41 Apoorva mafatlal
You said above: "The total of Rs.32"

4:15:46 Apoorva Nitin S
The final value fee of 1 % and the listing fee of Rs1.

4:16:19 Apoorva mafatlal
So, what's the amount?

4:16:30 Apoorva mafatlal
that I'll be paying finally?

4:17:56 Apoorva mafatlal

4:18:07 Apoorva Nitin S
May I have the item number one again

4:18:32 Apoorva mafatlal
One moment...

4:19:50 Apoorva mafatlal
When Did I gave you item number before that you are asking me for it once again?

4:20:31 Apoorva Nitin S

4:20:38 Apoorva Nitin S
So you have not listed any item?

4:21:20 Apoorva mafatlal
Man...try and understand, I haven't yet listed my Monitor for sale on ebay unless I complete the final step...are u understanding it?

4:21:53 Apoorva mafatlal
Fu** seems like you are equipped with a donkey's brain

4:22:15 Apoorva mafatlal
Right from the beginning you have irriated me a lot.

4:22:36 Apoorva mafatlal
You are not understanding my questions asked at all.

4:24:26 Apoorva Nitin S
I am understanding you but you are not understanding me

4:24:35 Apoorva Nitin S
I think you require the Seller Training

4:25:30 Apoorva Nitin S
I have repeatedly informed you that the final value fee would be 1% and the listing fee will be Rs.1 but you are not able to add this amount

4:25:42 Apoorva mafatlal
Please connect me to your supervisor Nitin.

4:27:26 Apoorva Nitin S
Do you want me to forward the request to the team to provide you the Seller Training in which our executive shall call you and inform the selling process

4:28:18 Apoorva mafatlal
Connect this chat-session to your supervisor right now Nitin!

4:29:39 Apoorva mafatlal

4:29:51 Apoorva Nitin S
I can not do that

4:30:05 Apoorva mafatlal

4:31:18 Apoorva Nitin S
I had informed you the things how they are supposed to be

4:31:35 Apoorva mafatlal

4:32:03 Apoorva Nitin S
But you did not uderstand the meaning of word invoice, you did not use the calculator to count the amount

4:32:50 Apoorva mafatlal
Please call your supervisor on your desk right now!

4:33:33 Apoorva Nitin S
I told you it is not possible

4:33:40 Apoorva mafatlal

4:34:33 Apoorva Nitin S
Because I was nowhere wrong

4:34:50 Apoorva mafatlal
Let your supervisor decide that.

4:35:29 Apoorva mafatlal
Please don't try to test my patience Nitin any further. I need to talk to your supervisor!

4:36:43 Apoorva Nitin S
Okay please tell me where was I wrong?

4:38:33 Apoorva mafatlal
You are wrong all the way nor do you care to read the chat transcript properly and insist me to repeat my question
4:38:53 Apoorva mafatlal
Give me your supervisor's email address.
4:41:01 Apoorva Nitin S
You can complain about me at
4:41:42 Apoorva mafatlal
I have asked for your supervisor's address.
4:41:55 Apoorva mafatlal
Please don't give me any other email address.
4:42:10 Apoorva mafatlal
And call your supervisor online right now.
4:43:38 Apoorva Nitin S
I have given you the E-mail Id of the respective team where you can complain about me
4:44:26 Apoorva mafatlal
At the end, I have all of my questions unanswered b'coz I have to chat with a donkey.
4:44:34 Apoorva mafatlal
You simply wasted my time.
4:44:42 Apoorva Nitin S
Secondly you have used the abusive language. Any other executive would have disconnected the chat
4:44:44 Apoorva mafatlal
Nor are you calling your supervisor.
4:45:12 Apoorva mafatlal
Ifyou do not, than I need to address this entire chat transcript to ebay manager...would you like me to do that?
4:45:29 Apoorva Nitin S
Please go ahead
4:47:04 Apoorva Nitin S
You I have just talked to supervisor
4:47:08 Apoorva Nitin S
I am transferring the chat
4:47:57 Apoorva mafatlal
4:48:40 Apoorva mafatlal
Is this supervisor on the line?
4:48:50 Apoorva mafatlal
I mean online?
4:51:00 Apoorva Nitin S
Very Good Evening
4:51:10 Apoorva Nitin S
This is Bharat here
4:54:25 Apoorva System
Nitin S has left this session!
4:54:26 Apoorva System
Jyoti A has joined this session!
4:54:26 Apoorva System
Connected with Jyoti A
4:54:59 Apoorva Jyoti A
Yes, How can I help you?
5:01:35 Apoorva System
Connected with Jyoti A
5:01:49 Apoorva mafatlal
Hello Jyoti!
5:02:13 Apoorva mafatlal
I am simply irritated and frustrated with the kind of support Nitin has offered me.
5:02:29 Apoorva mafatlal
It seems like either this brain don't work fine or is mentally challenged.
5:04:26 Apoorva mafatlal
He is not understanding my question at all and instead giving me answers not connected to my questions.
5:05:06 Apoorva mafatlal
Just b'coz of his lack of understanding, I wasted my time and started all over again right from the first question.
5:05:08 Apoorva mafatlal
U there?
5:05:37 Apoorva mafatlal
I want answers exactly to the questions asked by me.
5:06:48 Apoorva mafatlal
And b'coz of his not having the capabilities of understanding my questions, he finally forced me to use abusive language which otherwise customer would never like to use.
5:08:35 Apoorva mafatlal
It is always an agent who first tries to irritate a customer a lot by not understanding what a customer wants or not understanding the questions and than in return, wants the customer to remain would it be possible?
5:08:39 Apoorva mafatlal
Are u there?
5:11:14 Apoorva mafatlal
Could you kindly go through the entire chat above and you'll understand that Nitin has not answered the question that I asked and which resulted in me repeating all those questions....
5:12:05 Apoorva mafatlal
Is there anybody responsible enough over here who can assist me?
5:13:35 Apoorva mafatlal
I am tired with ebay and its staff...if such a simple question for which I visited this ebay chat support cannot be answered, I wonder how you people would be handling big responsibilities?

Could anybody give me eBay manager's email address so that I can escalate this matter?
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Disgusting eBay India's service.

in reply to mafatlal
sometimes, it's better to consult the forum instead.

"You're almost done creating your listing. Click Continue below to complete your seller account setup (one-time only)."

You may have received this message because you haven't had your seller account set up. Before you can sell in eBay, you must first have a seller account.

anyway,i know this is way too late. hope u don't mind at all. thanks
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Disgusting eBay India's service.

in reply to mafatlal
First create your Seller Account which is FREE. You will require an SMS verification to be done. Then you need to create your PaisaPay Payment Account, again its FREE. Here you will have to enter your Savings Bank Account Number and Bank details. Once all these are done, you are ready to Sell. Now, that message about creating your seller account will never come.

Frankly speaking, it is very difficult to make someone understand about how eBay charges its fees. Its too complicated. Even I do not understand it. You just have to use the standard listing format and do not use any extras at first time. This will keep your fees lower.

Once you become an expert you will have a rough idea as how much eBay will charge you for every extras.
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Disgusting eBay India's service.

in reply to mafatlal
The fees are levied in the following manner:

IMPORTANT: The first 20 listings created by any seller on eBay will not be charged the Listing Fee or Final Value Fees. While creating the first 20 listings

more on this...
1).Listing Fees

a).The fees for listing an item on eBay are Re. 1 for all categories.

b).Zero listing fees for Books & Magazines, Movies & Music and Video & Computer Games categories.

c).The maximum listing fees you can pay in a month is Rs. 1500. So if your listing fees exceeds Rs.1500 in a month, you can list additional items (over and above the maximum cap of Rs 1500) for free.

Over this you are charged...

2).Final Value Fees:

Category groups--------------Final Value Fee
Technology categories---------------1% flat
Media categories--------------------6% flat
Rest of site categories-------------5% flat

3).Then you have PaisaPay Facility Charge:
Facility Charge for Credit Card & Online Bank Transfer

PaisaPay Service--------------------------Facility Charge
Credit card payments(non-EMI)-----------4% + applicable taxes
Online bank transfer payments-----------4% + applicable taxes
3 or 6 month EMI-----------------------------5.5% + applicable taxes

4)Finally You have:
The PaisaPay Facility Charges are subject to 10% Service Tax and 3% Cess (Edu: 2% + Sec & High Edu: 1%) thereon.

Any more confusion pl contact me.
**************************** Regards.
Raj Electronics.
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Disgusting eBay India's service.

in reply to mafatlal

Want to refund the amount of item no. 24115491789 to buyer axm98.Please do asa possible.

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Disgusting eBay India's service.

in reply to mafatlal
Cant you ask the question in plain simple English. The whole chat transcript puts you at the same intelligence level as the customer support guy.

The guy told you several time 1 percent fee plus listing fee of a rupee. How long will it take for you check the help pages?
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Disgusting eBay India's service.

in reply to mafatlal
the bid which i raised 07 days before ended today. one buyer bidded on the item. but i dont think he is a genuine one as i have earler sold one item to him. but he refused to give receipt of the item saying that the envelope was empty. when i learnt about again raising a bid against my item, i was doubtful and i personally called him on his registered telephone number not to do further proceedings as i am not interested in selling an item to you. still, he paid for the item through paisa pay. now, i dont want to ship the article to him as he is a fraud buyer. help me for this
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Disgusting eBay India's service.

in reply to mafatlal
i have sold one item i.e. Re.1/- m.g. koul note for Rs.8,200/-only through bidding. But the buyer has not paid for this. i request you to give me the final value fee of Rs.490/- credit. Similarly, ebay has charged me considerable amount for reserved price charges. but unfortunately, my item not sold, hence i request ebay to reverse me these charges also.
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Disgusting eBay India's service.

in reply to mafatlal
to be frank, you too were very rude throughout and perhaps slow on uptake on some of the very basic things he was trying to explain to you. as such a better way is to go through options on ebay front page about "new to selling" etc. you would have educated yourself much better.

also you need to chill, relax a bit. you are too angry. no business is done this way esp if you are starting new.

you should treat the customer care people with a little more reaspect. remember what you give is what you get. someday when a buyer calls u donkey, u will never like it whatever be the issue...

so there is a strong case to look into ourselves in this particular case

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Disgusting eBay India's service.

in reply to mafatlal
Dear myshree_2007,

If a seller doesn't receive payment for an item, the seller can open an unpaid item case with the buyer. You can open an unpaid item case in the Resolution Centre as early as 4 days after the sale and up until 32 days after the sale if you don't receive payment from the buyer.

Refer link:

Further to your concern on Reserve Fees, its fully refunded if item sells.

I would have someone from the billings team call you to address your concerns. Alternatively, feel free to contact our Customer Support team in case of any issues.

You contact our Customer Support thru any of the following options -

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Disgusting eBay India's service.

in reply to mafatlal
I bought a item(Item No :270817575106) in September 2011 and used eBay gift voucher / promotion code EBAYDUSS04. As per your policy it should reach in 45 days from the date of purchase but till now i didn't received my gift. I have talked to your customer care many times but no one has respond me correctly. and even you have also deleted my item no from my account.

Can u please explain it. shall you send the gift? otherwise i have to take legal action against you.