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hello friends i lost on paypal hence all my account is crystel clear

friends i have with drawn three amounts from my paypal account.but no one came to my bank the total amount about 10000 inrs,
is there any one with same problem
i have with drawn 2997 rs on 1 st December but no money there in my bank and now ofter that on 13 th and and 17 th it has came but 19 and 20 with withdrawals god knows where they gone.when ask for them i need to wait for this about 14 working days.
i called on paypal contact us number on 16 and 20 th and today every time they are asking for 72 hours,
saying that they will trace the amount it will reflect with in 72 hours,
now i am asking is this safe payment method even i dont have any charge back case on my account since i started with paypal.
and there is no contact mail id and proper answering from web form.
where do i go to recover this amount,
even the items also delivered to buyers i am in totally loss:_|
be careful sellers and check ur banks.also