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Ebay is fraud and their Guarantee is Fake

brought a blackberry mobile phone from ebay on the
27 jan for 11800 rs the phone was described as new
however it was a refurbished handset and blackberry services
were not working the seller ask me to raise a claim with
ebay so i raised a claim through ebay guarantee and
resolution center the case no is 76541 on the 03 rd feb. the
customer care dept assured me that someone will call me
within 7 days however its been 9 days and no one is has
called me and whenever you call customer care they say
that someone from the claim team will call me to resolve
my issue however that never happen moreover when sent a
email to ebay there is no reply from them this shows
that ebay is a fraud company that does not care about his
customers. there no resolution and what you get is a
runaround and their guarantee doesn't mean anything to them.
ebay if you ever read resolve this issue
otherwise i have no option but to file a case with the
consumer court